U-PVC Electrical Bushing

Germany KBCS U-PVC building electrical insulating Sleeving with PVC resin as the main raw material, add a variety of stabilizers, antioxidant, impact agents and other additives, processing by extrusion and forming various types of rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe. Sheath for electric power, telecommunications routes, construction of embedded, wall, buried cables and so on.

Decoration dedicated electrical conduit scientific humane red and blue piping design, professional distinction between strong, weak, while ensuring the safety circuit, but also easy to identify strong electrical hazards, easy maintenance and repair, the strength of electrical "diversion", is the home improvement ideal Electrical protective tube.


Easy to identify, and maintenance

Use red, blue two colors to distinguish between dangerous for easy identification and maintenance, to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Compressive strength, toughness is good

Can withstand strong pressure from the outside, it can be surface mounted or concealed spreads concrete, easy to compressive deformation; at a low temperature (-5 ℃) or more, bending spring by hand, not easy to crack.

Flame retardant, security

The pipe from the fire self-extinguishing (flame within 30 seconds that is left will be self-extinguishing), to avoid the spread of the fire along the pipeline; its thermal performance can not effectively protect the safety line.

Corrosion resistance.

It has excellent chemical properties, and does not contain plasticizers, to prevent pest damage lines.

High insulation, anti leakage

Has excellent insulation properties, can withstand high voltage without breakdown, effectively prevent leakage, the risk of electric shock.