About Germany KBCS

Germany KBCS Co., Ltd. (superscript Ltd. German Branch), referred to KBCS, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, is Europe's leading supplier of specialty plastic piping systems. Specializing in the production of plastic pipe company since 1960 announced the establishment of a pure building materials production enterprises to the formation of today, KBCS (branch standard) through decades of innovation and development process. Under the impetus of Germany's industrialization process, successful in business and residential construction, global coverage for the World Family and project design, construction and operation of a variety of complex piping systems. At the same time, companies began to use and develop new technologies and new materials, especially on the field of plastic and stable development.

KBCS (branch standard) and the rest of the world is committed to industry-wide exchanges, cooperation and explore different channels worldwide brands, strengthening product quality standards for the world-renowned Case provides multiple pipeline system as a whole solution. KBCS (branch standard) in practice, the process continues to accumulate, making their products market through continuous improvement and optimization of verification, one of the world's recognized high quality pipe products.

In order to maximize the effect of management, KBCS (branch standard) for the entire company's organizational structure adjustment, set up three branches of companies (civil pipeline unit, pipeline engineering, international business unit). And in 2008 a further adjustment and integration of the core pipeline business, the company's international operations by the European branch KBCS, KBCS Asia Pacific division and KBCS Americas Branch is responsible for, respectively, and the establishment of KBCS (branch standard) global R & D division. Through integration of the global market resources, and in terms of product innovation and development, KBCS (branch standard) today achieved prominent results. Through rigorous global market research and analysis, in 2013, KBCS (branch standard) official stationed in the Asian market, the establishment of brand operations center in Shanghai (China region), responsible for product marketing and brand development.

Currently, KBCS (branch standard) service coverage area includes the German domestic market and other markets in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. On the future direction of development, companies will focus more on environmentally sustainable development, we strive to develop green piping, energy pipelines, providing superior quality and services for users worldwide.