Technical Strength

International strength confirms the value of the brand

Germany KBCS Division marked the continuation of the Germanic peoples quality of spirit, we have been actively provide customers with the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, the distinctive smart design and best quality products in almost all market segments in the pipeline. In addition to its products including high-end home improvement PPR pipe, PVC drainage pipes, PE-RT floor heating pipe, electrical conduit and other pipe products, including intelligent safety piping systems, such as custom high-end private sharing services. Products focus on environmental protection and sustainable development of the intelligent combination of scientific research and technology, through a comprehensive international certification authority, endeavoring to develop smart green pipe, intelligent organic plastic pipes, pipe provides superior security products for global users.

The strength and quality and high quality products with witness Dan

Strength and quality and having to witness the high spots produced quality Germany KBCS to a safe and healthy brand core competitiveness, relying on the strength of the German headquarters of scientific research and technology, and always adhere to the product quality as Foothold for the brand, the formation of mature production and supply chain management system, technology, personnel, materials, management, four in one comprehensive,To ensure that products in the manufacturing process and production rate of 100 percent qualified and intelligent supply and demand.

Battenfeld BAT-TENFELD was founded in 1878 as a world-renowned manufacturer of injection molding equipment, has produced the worldThe first all-electric injection molding machine. Enterprises have continuously committed to producing high quality, stable performance of the machine. The technological innovation has also been BAT-TENFELD success and development tips.
Germany Branch marked with European expertise and experience, the use of Battenfeld injection molding equipment, the automation of precision injection molding machine Injection molding, and which contained vacuum suction, the screw shear heating plastics, plastic injection, packing cooling, mold release, corner trimming, inspection Inspection, packaging and a series of automated weighing process, a leading provider of advanced equipment and solutions for the global customers to bring customers a decisive Competitive and technological advantages.

A full set of standard by the German Krauss-Maffei (Kruass-Maffei) produced pipes dedicated single-screw extruder. Intelligent control system that automatically monitors and adjusts the pipe production data; with gravity measurement system for making accurate automatic control of weight per meter of pipe, to prevent the wall thickness fluctuations; spiral die having a plasticized high efficiency; the targets can be achieved precise execution.