Quality Assurance

Pipeline safety is the primary task of the German Branch of the subject, so we have been rigorous and demanding standards of high quality products. Including the most high-quality raw materials, refused to use recycled materials, and improve the appearance of testing, we will not reduce away in order to reduce costs for our product quality requirements.

Division products are the subject of the top R & D team carefully crafted, carefully selected in many programs, the experience of more than 30 items strict testing, final selection of the best product development programs.


From raw material German KBCS link to ensure the high quality standards, intelligent material system from the world's best supplier to purchase raw material, adopting precision instrument testing to ensure the stability of the materials and environmental protection, without impurities added. Always required in the selection of copper pieces of the adopting lead-free copper iron, ensure the health of products stable and lasting durability.


German KBCS sole mould design process, to ensure the perfect details of the product manufacturing and market differentiation, accurate control of small technology, makes the product has been consistent customer recognition and favor.


German KBCS extremely pay attention to product high quality output, each batch of factory products must undergo strict testing, USES the high strength against test 200 hours, only reach the standard level of super A products can rest assured of delivery into the hands of the consumers.