Water Control System

Germany KBCS intelligent water control system has more than high-end features, but also enjoy the quality of life. After Germany's leading laboratory for many years of research and development of intelligent home control system, water is a major breakthrough in household water environment, not only to save money for your family, for the country to save water resources, while preventing waste of water resources.

Products can be customized household water time (1-99 minutes), when there is domestic water pipes burst, north to heating leaks, hose burst, leaking toilet, the cracking tube solar, water supply suddenly forgot to shut the faucet when water or other abnormal conditions time, and the water flow reaches 600-800 ml per minute, will be inductive sensor signal output, intelligent computer system receives more than the set time, water control system will automatically shut off the water, play leakage protection. Simply re-press the control key, the protector automatically opens the valve motor recovery through the water. If you and your family a long time course of water, as long as the water in the process, turn off the faucet 2-3 seconds, KBCS intelligent water control system took time to return to zero starting state is still the initial set time, continue to water when not affect your normal use.


In case of open circuit protection, can be manually reset.


Through time setting and quantitative control circuit breaker, the purpose of leakage protection is achieved.


Mechanical structure, simple and reliable structure, no maintenance cost.


The clever design of the gear, automatic closing water back to zero, re measurement.