Porcelain Plastic Pipe

Inner layer UPE-- UHMWPE, is the best overall performance of engineering plastics, known as the "explosion-proof ceramics", health non-toxic, environmental health. Wear and impact resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubricating, absorbing excellent impact properties, can effectively solve the inner walls of pipes attached to the scale and impurities, stacked, thereby achieving self-cleaning and antimicrobial efficacy.

Outer Nordic dedicated PPR raw materials. Borealis (Borealis) is a leading provider of innovative, value creating plastics solutions. Borealis world-renowned plastic raw materials, plastic products processing industry's top suppliers of raw materials, Borealis is not only the subject of the only branch designated supplier of raw materials, but also by the German label long-term strategic partner.

Food grade quality masterbatch, non-toxic, chemical stability, while reducing thermal degradation of the plastic. Exclusive masterbatch formulation, distributed evenly color, strong coloring, texture and delicate appearance of the pipe.