PE-RT Oxygen Barrier Tube

Product application advantage

1、Use of three co-extrusion technology, delamination does not occur between the layers; layers of uniform thickness, the pipeline to maintain good flexibility and bending.

2、Outer oxygen barrier layer using an oxygen leak-proof performance of the most outstanding EVOH (polyethylene - vinyl alcohol) material, so that the oxygen barrier capacity of the entire line of German standards and meet and exceed international standards.

Test data can be seen, the actual rate of oxygen diffusion oxygen barrier PE-RT pipes is much smaller than the standard requirements, you can effectively prevent the dissolved oxygen through the pipe heating system, Benefit the entire geothermal heating system, heat and oxygen protection.

1、Oxygen barrier layer structure is dense, hard to change the original PE-RT pipe surface is too soft features, greatly enhancing the scratch resistance of the pipeline, the pipeline Ultra valid protection.

2、Peeled using a dedicated device (oxygen barrier pipe peeler), can effectively remove even the oxygen barrier layer and the interface layer can be easily Pipe and Fittings Hot melt socket connection. Maintaining the advantages of convenient and reliable application of PE-RT pipe connections for easy maintenance.