PVC-U Drainage Pipes


Germany KBCS physicochemical properties of PVC-u pipe quality, high impact strength, fluid resistance, compared with diameter iron pipe flow 30%, good ageing resistance. Pipeline to mineral acids, alkali, salts, excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for industrial emissions and transportation. Low friction coefficient, flow smoothly and easily blocked, less maintenance work. Pipe-line expansion coefficient, 0.07mm/m, small amount of deformation affected by temperature. Thermal conductivity and elastic modulus is small, compared with cast iron drainage pipes freezing resistance and excellent performance. Pipes, pipe fittings connection can use bonding, simple in construction, easy operation, effectively speed up the projects and reduce construction costs. Saving construction costs, the use of PVC-u pipe, the pipe than using the same specifications of the cast iron pipe system of the integrated low cost. Materials oxygen index higher, with self-extinguishing. Our products are predominantly white, bright color, smooth.


Full computer-controlled automatic ingredient-mixing system of the raw material component measuring, mixing, transporting, ensure a stable formula, product quality assurance, using lean manufacturing equipment, extruder die into the special, highly effective plasticizing unit dedicated mold and high compression ratio, is a material full of plastic, ensure tubing product density, impact resistance improved.


Product features

  • And PVC-U pipe, and fittings has excellent of physico-chemical performance, resistance corrosion sex strong, not by corrosion soil of effect; can resistance chemical items including acid, and alkali; not by fungi and bacteria of against; anti-termite, and resistance weathered, and tasteless, and no smelly, and nontoxic; in normal using conditions Xia life can up 3-50 years above, is building drainage, and sewage pipeline of ideal material.

  • With smooth inner wall, design of equal diameter and slope, flow flow than cast iron by 30%。

  • Pipes and fittings with the changes of times erosion does not occur; outer wall of building pipe will not cause pollution, ensure the buildings are not damaged.

  • Pipe fittings range models, fully equipped, can cater for a variety of design and installation requirements.

  • Weight of cast iron pipe one-fifth, without using special lifting facilities, easy to transport and install using glue to connect, easy to install, no maintenance on a regular basis.

  • Saving construction costs, the use of PVC-U pipes and fittings is lower than the cast iron pipe systems use the same specification of total cost. By the German standard PVC-U products as the main white, bright color, bright and smooth, excellent performance.