PE-RT Floor Heating Pipe

Currently, through the certification authority of the PERT only three materials, the US Dow DOWLEX2344, DOWLEX2388 and South Korea's SK Chemicals YUCLAIR DX800 wherein 2344, DX800 as PERT I type, belonging to 2388 PERT type II, and now by the German standard HVAC piping series products are used DOWLEX2344, DOWLEX2388 as PERT PERT I type and type II pipe materials production. The material has a unique molecular structure, it is a linear ethylene main chain, with controlled branch, so as to have a good pressure resistance properties. Use DOWLEX2344 DOWLEX2388 and raw materials to produce heating pipe with a life of more than 50 years.

Dow Chemical in the production of raw materials use, pipe outer wall smooth. It is possible to reduce blocking phenomenon due to the accumulation of water residue in the pipe caused, but also reduce the pressure loss of the transport process. Secondly, PE-RT products without going through the crosslinking process, are not required to control the degree of crosslinking and uniformity to worry, because in terms of cross-linked polyethylene, cross-linking will greatly affect the service life of the pipe.