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German KBCS Patent Dark Ball Valve

Time:2016/8/14 2:45:06Read:


German Patent Branch Standard ball valve dark make plastic parts and pieces of copper integration designed to solve the pure dark metal valve outside the wire connector and mechanical connection leakage risk. Full copper ball valve type, long-term use watertight, excellent sealing performance. Meanwhile, the handwheel triple plating process, corrosion, abrasion, beautiful appearance, to solve the handwheel positions due to corrosion, wear and slippage problems.

  • Imitation car operating rod hand wheel design, mechanical polishing, precision quality;

  • Extended decorative cover, increase the operating space, the actual installation is more convenient;

  • All copper dark core, anti-aging, high pressure resistance, long service life;

  • Upgrade to increase the thickness of copper ball, sealing performance is more significant;