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German KBCS Patented Valve

Time:2016/8/14 2:45:06Read:


German Patent Branch standard pull-wedge gate valve block structure, really protect water piping systems 100% unchanged, to solve the industry's internal use of shut-off valve, and the quantity of water pipeline system greatly reduced to less than 25% seriously can not guarantee that serious design flaws lose water. Greatly improved the water through the pipeline to ensure a stable water pressure.

Gate-type structural features all-copper contacts, instead of the normal valve plastic gasket to avoid water leakage caused by defects in plastic aging rotten, to maximize the elimination of leakage risk.

  • For ergonomic handwheel design, feel comfortable;

  • For the PTFE washer, not afraid of high temperature, the use of safety;

  • For ISO228 100% GB aperture design, water transport, avoid water closure defects;

  • For the closed gate patent, mechanical seal, anti aging;