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German KBCS Patented Copper

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GB R thread quality is more outstanding

The outer tubular member Common Market Wire commonly used simple straight screw technology, patented by the German standard fittings fear complicated process, using the national standard GB / T1479 "R thread" technology, precision manufacturing, to create the industry with high quality fittings.

Lead free iron free safe use without harm

Adopt the European standard 62 copper, lead-free iron, through a unique look polished, acid washing, polishing and other treatment, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, hammering, good sealing performance, stainless steel, no crack, no distortion, reduced copper during the installation process of screwing the outer tension, prevent burst occurred in the inner teeth screwed in.

Copper clad patent never leave

Avoid market ordinary copper "plastic bag copper" shedding problem, the tube structure of "copper coated plastic" patented design, the metal insert surrounded by plastic, greatly improving the bite force, an effective solution to copper long-term use out of the plastic problem zero gap, never burst.

Intelligent lock water ring to overcome the problem of water leakage

Ordinary pipe market in the long-term use of the process prone to water leakage, normal water inconvenience to the family. German Patent Branch standard pipe, pipe fittings inside the implant "water lock loop" to create intelligent lock water system, increasing the pipeline convergence at the seal, pipe connections occur fear water leakage, prevent leakage, solve industry problems;