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German KBCS Full Bore Multifunction Valve

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Germany Branch Standard ball known as "multi-functional valve", "double live access valve" can be connected to a variety of channels, to respond flexibly to a variety of piping systems, flow control precise regulation. Ergonomically designed hand wheel design, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, durable, long life and other characteristics, is embedded in the key parts of stainless steel shims, to solve the problem of slipping handle prolonged use. Facilitate free adjustment. Closed gate patented, all-copper contacts, simple structure, good sealing performance, easy to operate, easy to open and close fast.

Flexible mouth at ease

Opposite ends of the market ordinary double union ball valve can be the same mouth tooth design, marked by the German Patent multifunction valve to break the traditional design limitations, both sides of the internal and external teeth mouth according to the actual needs of arbitrary choice, free connection meter or pre-filter, easy to deal with a variety of installation requirements.

Do not fear the use of high temperature safety

Patent multifunction valve uses tetrafluoroethylene washer design, through fear 97 ℃ hot water, not brittle, aging, excellent performance and stability, so that domestic water more comfortable, more healthy.

Closed gate patented mechanical seal

All-copper contacts, instead of the common plastic valve gasket, simple structure, hard to achieve mechanical seal to avoid leakage caused by defects in plastic rotten aging, anti-aging, eliminate leakage risks.

100% water to ensure the stable water pressure

Using ISO 228 GB caliber designed to ensure 100% pass water piping system to ensure stable water pressure, prevent burst pipes phenomenon.